AT&T Unveils 5G Roadmap Including Trials In 2016
INNOVATION / Dallas, Texas, Feb 12, 2016
Company’s Virtualized Network Combined with 5G Provides Platform for Future Services – Video, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things
Planned 5G Trials Collaboration with Ericsson and Intel

“AT&T* is unveiling its 5G roadmap to bring customers the next-generation of super-fast, flexible wireless connectivity.”
“We plan to collaborate with Ericsson and Intel to work on 5G solutions in our labs starting in the second quarter of this year, with outdoor tests and trials over the summer. And, we expect field trials of 5G technologies to provide wireless connectivity to fixed locations in Austin before the end of this year. The trials will help guide our 5G standards contributions, and set the stage for widespread commercial and mobile availability once technology standards for 5G are established.”
“We expect 5G to deliver speeds 10-100 times faster than today’s average 4G LTE connections. Customers will see speeds measured in gigabits per second, not megabits. For reference, at one gigabit per second, you can download a TV show in less than 3 seconds. Customers will also see much lower latency with 5G Latency.”

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