EPI has pioneered a new technology for controlling the negative effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD) on sensitive electronic components. This seemingly mundane issue has been estimated to cost the global electronics industry as much as $84 billion in annual product losses. With the emergence of smaller electronic devices operating at higher frequencies and lower power levels (e.g. multifunction cell phones, packed memory arrays, micro and signal processors) the need for increased ESD protection superior to what is currently available has become more critical. In fact, since conditions for static discharge are everywhere, any electronic device can benefit from improved ESD protection.

A nationally known expert in the field of polymeric materials with voltage regulating properties, Karen Shrier founded Round Rock-based Electronic Polymers, Inc. (EPI) in February, 2000 in order to develop a new generation of polymerized materials that could detect, react to and safely discharge unwanted ESD voltage spikes in nanoseconds, before any damage can occur to the device to be protected. After years of research and development, Karen Shrier developed formulations exhibiting the desired performance characteristics and consistency for large scale manufacturing. For the material to have wide-scale use it is designed to be cost effective to produce and flexible enough to be form factored into a large number of applications. The result: a material whose properties can be triggered at extremely low voltages and protect electronics from ESD while at the same time permitting desired signals to pass through undistorted.

The EPI-FLO™ polymer has the unique characteristic of providing ESD protection to high frequency signals, such as the higher frequencies of today's cell phones, without compromising signal integrity. Traditional transient voltage suppressors such as diodes interfere with gigahertz signals. 

Recognizing the value of innovative approach to ESD protection, EPI filed a patent application covering the core aspects of its polymerized material and the fundamental ways in which the material is produced and used. EPI believes the number of applications for its formulation are endless and has adopted a comprehensive approach to protecting its intellectual property. 

An advantage to EPI's technology is the use of conventional printed circuit board fabrication equipment and manufacturing techniques to reduce manufacturing costs wihile providing superior ESD Protection. Currently avaliable as both board-level surface mount components fitting industry standard form factors and as connector arrays, EPI's products have been provided on samples to major potential customers in both the wireless, component and automotive markets.

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