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Electronic Polymers, Incorporated


Electronic Polymers, Incorporated is a Commercialization Stage Company developing and manufacturing Polymer Diodes. Our experienced management team has built a $100M technology business in less than three years, has ten issued patents and 44 additional applications, and is currently raising capital to fund growth in Sales and Manufacturing.


Unlike current technology, Electronic Polymers Polymer Diodes do not produce harmonics at GHz frequencies, thereby allowing low capacitance and smooth reception across the entire high frequency bandwidth. The result is higher network capacity and data transfer rates.


Technology Overview
EPI Technology Overview
Embedding a Thin Polymer Voltage ESD Suppressing Core
Advancing Microelectronics March-April 2007 Article
Papers and Presentations
Cell Phone GaAs Power Amplifiers: ESD, TLP and PVS Devices   Paper
ESD Protection of an RF Integrated Circuit by Embedding
Protection in the IC Package Printed Circuit Board
  Paper/ Presentation
ESD Enhancement of Power Amplifier with Voltage Suppressor   Paper
Transmission Line Pulse Test Methods, Test Techniques and
Characterization of Low Capacitance Voltage Suppression
Devices for System Level Electrostatic Discharge Compliance
  Paper/ Presentation

EPI-FLO Polymer Voltage Suppressor Devices
EPI-FLO Data Sheets: Surface Mount and Connected Array

The EPI-FLO Polymer Voltage Suppressor devices provide a shunt for electrostatic discharge, which protects sensitive electronic circuits from the damaging effects of over voltage and over current events.

TLP Test Systems
TLP Data Sheet

EPI offers the world’s first affordable and easy to use Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) Tester. The IPL 7071 Test System facilitiates the design of superior products within IEC-1004-2, HBM, MM, and CDM ESD standards.

EPI Team

Karen Shrier
Founder, CEO and Chief Technology Officer

Karen is the visionary and driving force behind Electronic Polymers. A nationally-known expert in the field of polymeric materials with voltage regulating properties, she holds numerous patents related to ESD and has been featured in hundreds of research and media publications.

Wolfgang Kemper
Executive Vice President

Manufacturing and ESD Product expert and former ESD Unit Manager at Diodes Inc., Member Group of Technical Staff at Texas Instruments and principal Engineer (Section Leader) at Philips Semiconductors (Now NXP) . Wolfgang holds numerous patents, is an accepted ESD industry leader, and technologist who drives adoption, ramps revenues, and finds the need in todays market and fills it.

Thomas Keating, PhD
Director of Engineering for Manufacturing

A start-up veteran, Tom has held top level positions at Fico, First Principle, and NSB Postech. He is a proven Team Leader from the manufacturing floor, to finance, to product development and commercialization. A McKinsey veteran, Tom holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Wharton.

Eric Engelhard, PhD
Director of Informatics and Analytics

Eric brings information to life through transformative pattern recognition and data visualization. Eric’s specialty is pattern recognition technologies as applied to computational biology, QC, text mining, and advanced algorithmic marketing with a career of innovative work as Principal Investigator of a DARPA funded defense program, Senior Principal Scientist at FICO, and Director of Bioinformatics and Pricipal Investigator at UC Davis.

Andrew Wilson
Chief Financial Officer and Director

As the finance leader of the organization, Andrew brings his expertise in fiscal responsibility to the organization with an equal track record of international product, revenue generation and innovation success.

Susann Friedricks
VP of Business Development

Susann is a technology veteran with executive experience at Honeywell, Sun Microsystems, ROSS Technology and Pervasive Software. With over 25 years of success in the semiconductor space, Susann drives sales and channel execution for the company.

Andrew Bilger
Chief Launch Officer & Director

Andrew drives overall revenue generation strategy, go to market and client engagement activities for Electronic Polymers. He brings over 20 years of successful business development, project management, process engineering, finance, and investor fundraising experience to the organization.

Advisory Board Members

Steven Voldman, PhD, IBM
Harald Gossner, IESE Director, former Intl. Director
Charvaka Duvvury, PhD, Texas Instruments Fellow
David Pommerenke, PhD, University of Missouri-Rolla
Michael Voellinger, CEO, Hudson Fender Group





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